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Eric Chase Creative Director, Exec Producer, ChaseCuts at Premiere Radio Networks

Julien has been creating music and sound design for my libraries for years, and has been literally 100% reliable over the course of more than a decade. Never a single issue. Always on top of the work, always responsive to feedback, and always creating uniquely interesting sonic landscapes. For me, Julien has been the ultimate freelancer.No need to micromanage, or worry about audio quality or mix issues.. ever. He’s simply rock solid.

Basilio Puglia Photographer, Film Director, Founder at Crio.Vision

Julien is a great artist, not just a musician. He is a very good music composer for commercials and a talented sound designer. His knowledge of electronic music panorama is deep and refined. During the Skunkfunk production he showed me amazing capabilities of adaptation on client’s requests and feedbacks.

Tasos Frantzolas http://soundsnap.com

Julien is a real audio ninja. His production skills are unparalleled as he can deliver exceptional, high quality audio very efficiently. He wears many hats comfortably ranging from sound designer to mixer and dance music producer and can adapt his mastery across many production styles seamlessly. Great guy to be around too !

Eric Caver Senior Director of Programming/Operations – iHeartMedia/Premiere Networks, Audio Production Specialist

What can I say about this guy ! Julien is one of the more unique composers and sound designers in our arsenal. His creativity is both edgy and original. In a job that can be routine from week to week, I actually look forward to hearing what sonic madness comes from his brain each month. On top of that, he’s such a cool guy to work with – both professionally and personally. He consistently delivers on time and on point – creatively and technically. We are lucky to have him as part of the Brown Bag/Premiere team – seriously !!