‘Off The Grid’ Creative Loops and Stems


Create pulsing underscore danger by combining broken organic loops, dark fragments and atmospheres that are insanely unique and cutting-edge. Add cinematic accent and spark with massive hits and signature sound effects.

Off The Grid is about creative loops and field recording combined in a ground breaking sound collection of pulsating rhythms and one shots for today’s most inventive music genres. Everything has been designed from organic elements, all recorded from scratch from every day objects including foley tools, woods, keys, kitchen utensils, zips, paper and more, perfect for creating unique percussive grooves extremely useful for sound design.

Thanks to its organic nature, this sound collection brings a sense of realism and depth introducing a wide range of sounds and new timbres, looping field recording riffs from a variety of organic and unexpected sources and junk yards recordings.

The Loop/Stem folder includes a main mix and the corresponding loop stems for a total of 450 Tempo labelled loops which will play perfectly in sync with your session’s tempo.Just drag, drop and play instantly, all major recording programs feature automatic tempo detection for flexible layering and groove building.

Featured categories include loops/stems, cinematic hits, drones and atmospheres, risers and reverse, textures and braams which fit in with a range of genres, including promo campaign and cinematic trailer, soundtrack, ambient and chillout.